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  • 25GB SSD Disk
  • 100Mbit Unlimited
  • Anti-DDoS protection
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  • 40GB SSD Disk
  • 100Mbit Unlimited
  • Anti-DDoS protection
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  • 4GB Memory
  • 4Core Processor
  • 60GB SSD Disk
  • 100Mbit Unlimited
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  • 6Core Processor
  • 100GB SSD Disk
  • 100Mbit Unlimited
  • Anti-DDoS protection
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Advantages of choosing hosting at AlexHost company:

Tehnical support 24/7

You receive free basic technical support on how to configure your site

99.9% Uptime

Guaranteed uptime of your site 99.9%

Money back guarantee

Refund for unused period within 7 business days

Benefits of VPS

Full SSH root access

You gain full root access to you server


VNC console

You will get access to VNC console from the control panel


Backups included

Weekly backups of your server are included in the cost


Premium traffic

Cost includes unlimited 100 Mbps traffic


Basic support

You will get basic technical assistance with configuration of your VPS



Your server is protected against DDoS attacks with capacity up to 500 Gbps


SLA 99.9%

Guaranteed uptime of your VPS server 99.9%


Money Back Guarantee

We guarantee refunds for unused period

Ubuntu VPS

Creating your own server is a very important step, because most people are well aware of the fact that to achieve this goal, they will have to work hard on it. That is why you should make the decision regarding the platform, which will serve the base for your project, right at the preliminary planning stage.

Today, the most popular options for creating the servers are the following three platforms: Windows, Unix and Linux.

What draws the attention of any average person with no experience in a particular field? First of all it is the popularity of a certain trade mark, in other words — the brand. Naturally, Microsoft Windows in this case is your first choice.

However, in the matter of creating a server, any experienced user will tell you to focus on absolutely opposite factors:

  • How will the platform behave during a serious load increase on its components?
  • Will it be economically advantageous to use one or another option?
  • Is there a protection guarantee of the selected operational system from various malicious actions?
  • Is it easy to learn the chosen platform?
  • Are any additional investments required?
  • How much time will it take before the system starts operating in full capacity?

If you carefully consider and give honest answers to all the above questions, then you cannot find a better option than Linux. Moreover, this fact is confirmed by the recent studies, according to which this platform is steadily moving toward the first place of ranking among the most popular operating systems for creating servers.

It is important to indicate that there are many developments for the Linux-based operating system, specially designed to create a variety of servers, based on the capabilities and desires a person. One of the most important factors has always been the power of the equipment. Thus, the developers tried to satisfy the demands in each segment of this field of activity.

One of the most popular choices for server platforms based on the Linux OS is Ubuntu.

What are the advantages and features of this development?

Stability of VPS Ubuntu servers

Ubuntu successfully copes with serious external loads on the server. This fact has led to a very interesting paradox:
  • Linux OS is not considered the best option for interactive entertainment. Most games are being developed specifically for Windows.
  • Ubuntu platform is more popular as a game server.

The thing is that in this system the halting of one process does not lead to a complete system pending mode. Thus, one of the features may not be temporarily available on the server, while the rest of the features work great.

This is a very important factor for successful projects that can gather hundreds of thousands of users from around the world at the same time.

Stability is one of the indicators of successful game servers. Even the slightest time of the lack of access (for example, a forced restart of equipment) can lead to the withdrawal of a huge number of visitors from the project, as during this time they can lose a lot, and become disappointed. As a result, the project owner might lose a lot of money.

The use of Ubuntu virtually guarantees the lack of such problems. Especially when you consider another positive aspect of the use of this option. This type of server will not "eat" your computer's memory, and therefore, will be able to function properly during a very long period of time.

Security of virtual servers based on Ubuntu

Naturally, the owner of the server does not want to discover on day that his initiative was buried by harmful effects of virus programs.

This problem is clearly non-desirable for the owner of any type of server. For example, enterprise projects could lose an important and valuable information, game servers - their visitors.

The distinctive feature of Ubuntu is that at the moment there are no virus programs developed for this platform. Of course, you can try to create your own virus, but to insert the virus into the system is also a task that not everyone can handle.

Free-of-charge VPS server based on Ubuntu

This is a very nice benefit of Ubuntu platform. The server creator is not required to invest anything on the initial stages of the business. The saved amount can be spent more efficiently, for example, on the promotion and advertising of the project.

It is important to point out that the Ubuntu distribution already contains all the necessary applications and programs for the fully operational server. If a person has decided to choose the option based on Windows, some of the components should be bought separately, whereas, Ubuntu server is ready to begin operation immediately after the installation.

Productivity of Ubuntu Virtual Server

Some people hesitate to create their own server when they hear that for its good performance they need to own expensive equipment. That is, to spend an additional and substantial amount of money.

To date, the Ubuntu servers work well on different types of equipment, showing great performance of almost all features, that is higher than those of competing Windows platforms.

Reliability of Ubuntu server

Reliability index of the selected option should already manifest itself in the first stage - the installation process. Some developments are so complex even during this period that many people initially make a number of serious errors that prevent normal server functioning in the future. The Ubuntu installation pack includes special software that allows you to perform the installation of all the necessary features in almost automatic way. This provides the possibility to avoid errors in the first stage of the virtual server deployment.

In addition, when working with Ubuntu it is very difficult to ensure that the server has ceased to function with any serious mistake. It takes a lot of effort to completely ruin this product based on the Linux operating system.

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